Top 5 New World PvP Weapon Pairings

Amazon's New World has taken the PvP MMORPG world by storm. In this guide, we're going to show you what new world weapons work best together so that you can win almost any encounter. Like most MMORPGs, the best build path leads to the highest damage output while having strong defensives and regenerations. With this in mind, let's look at our top pairings and why we think these work well together.

Top 5 Best New World PvP Weapon Pairings

This list is subject to change as the values for skills and gear are constantly changing, so this list could be made irrelevant after a few patches. Check-in with us regularly to get our take on the latest and greatest PvP pairings.

Number 1: Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet

There has been much contention amongst the New World community about which weapon pairing was the best; however, we believe these weapons deserve the spot at number 1.
The Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet work well because of their joint damage, high control, and regenerative powers. The Fire Staff has incredible burning damage over time and can deal out some of the most extensive burst damage in the game.

The drawback to the fire damage spells is that they consume a lot of mana and have no primary forms of crowd control. Because of the mana loss, the Ice Gauntlet comes in handy with its vast mana regeneration passives. While regening mana, the Ice Gauntlet pumps out some of the highest slows and crowd control abilities allowing you to distance yourself from your opponent.

Along with the regeneration and crowd control, the Ice Gauntlet also provides immunity to damage with its entomb ability which removes all adverse effects.
All of the above reasons make this weapon pairing the strongest in New World. See below for images with the build’s path and attribute allocation.

Skill Allocation

Fire Mage Build

Ice Gauntlet Build

Number 2: Great Axe and Hatchet

The Great Axe and Hatchet make an excellent weapon pairing due to their tankyness and survivability while dealing burst damage. This build allows for battles against multiple opponents at once in open-world PvP. The Berserker ultimate ability will enable you to be invulnerable to death for 3 seconds, giving you time to finish off your low opponent while regenerating health quickly. You must run this build with heavy armor as it makes you an unstoppable force of damage and tankyness.
Below is the build path you should get at max level, along with the stat allocations.

Stat Allocation

Hatchet Build Path

Great Axe Build Path

This build is highly regarded as the most substantial open-world PvP build earning its place as number 2.

Number 3: Ice Gauntlet and Rapier

These weapon pairings are the most difficult to master but have the most fun playstyle. This build combines evasion with parrying and crowd control and gets small jabs on your opponent until they are defeated. It goes without saying, but this build requires light armor as you want to be as agile as possible. Since the Rapier doesn’t drain your mana, feel free to use as many spells from the Ice Gauntlet to keep your opponent down.
Below are screenshots of the build you should follow, along with the stat distribution.

Stat Distribution

Rapier Build

Ice Gauntlet Build

Number 4: Spear and Bow

The Spear and Bow pairing is considered the most challenging build in the game. They are so hard due to the number of skillshots required to hit your target. Since both the spear and bow need skillshots, this isn’t an excellent build for players with high ping or who don’t have experience. Nevertheless, this build can cause a lot of damage while being able to evade attacks.

While dodging, you take the open shots on your opponent, causing bleeds and slows. The only reason the Spear and Bow pairing made it onto this list is because of the rising popularity amongst the New World community due to its high-burst PvP damage. To utilize this build properly, make sure to use evasions as early as they come off of cool-down and re-apply as many bleeds as possible. This pairing requires light armor so that you can be as agile as possible.
If you wish to try out this build, here are the build paths and skill distributions:
Stat Distribution

Bow Build

Spear Build

Number 5: Sword and Life Staff

Last but not least are the pairings of Sword and Life Staff. This build is a lot of fun and incredibly frustrating for your opponents. The Sword paired with a shield provides a lot of tankyness and slow output damage, and the Life Staff delivers the healing. The design philosophy behind this build is to be a team player.

As such, you will stand in the front line capturing objectives while being an unstoppable force for your team. This build also allows you to heal other allies in combat, making it a unique team-oriented build, earning its spot on our list. For this build, you must have heavy armor with a shield equipped.
Here is the build path you should take to follow this build, along with stat distribution.
Stat Distribution

Sword Build

Life Staff Build

These builds were a lot of fun to play with, and we hope you enjoyed our list and the reasons for the list. Check out our new world coins store for great gold deals and other guides, happy hunting!