New World Weapons - Choose the Best New World PvP and PvE Weapons

Types of New World Weapons

Everybody loves weapons! We’ll go over which weapons you should focus on for PvP or PvE activities, and how they will work in New World. There are four main categories of New World weapons. They are:

  • One-Handed Weapons
  • Two-Handed Weapons
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Magical Weapons

Here is a list of what each category is comprised of.

One-Handed WeaponsTwo-Handed WeaponsRanged WeaponsMagical Weapons
SwordsSpearBowsFire Staves
ShieldsGreat AxesMusketsIce Gauntlets
RapiersWar Hammers
Life Staves

I have comprised 2 tables of New World PvP and PvE weapons that I have categorized into a Tier ranking system, which you can see further below in the article. Keep in mind that the effectiveness, damage and perks of these weapons might change with the actual release of the game. New World Weapons listed in this article are based on its stats, popularity and dominance throughout the beta. The game allows you to have two weapon sets ready to go at any time, and can switch between them quickly by pressing 1 and 2. So you can assign one set primarily for PvE and the other for PvP. Or have 1 set to do high DPS, or to control mobs with CC.

New World Item rarity

Each NW weapon will have a gear score and feature different bonuses. Items with a higher gear score are more powerful and will have additional perks. Weapons found in New World come in 5 different rarity options. They are:

  • Common – (White) - 0 perks
  • Uncommon – (Green) - 1 perk
  • Rare – (Blue) - 2 perks
  • Epic – (Purple) - 3 perks
  • Legendary – (Gold) - 3 perks. Legendaries come with predetermined perks, stats and gems.

Aside from perks, weapons can also have a gem slot. Gems can be crafted at Jewelers and can be socketed to add extra stat bonuses to your weapons. Legendaries come already equipped with a gem. By the way, if you need New World coins to buy items, just feel confidence to buy it from NewWorldGolds.

New World Leveling System

New World has a rather interesting and unique leveling system. You level up your abilities with each weapon rather than your character as a whole. As you level your weapons you will receive Mastery Points. Mastery points can be used to increase the effectiveness of a certain weapon or unlock special skills. As you use fight off enemies, you'll gain proficiency for the weapon you are using. The more you use a bow, the more bow skills you can unlock in the Mastery tree. If you wanted to, you could master every weapon type.

It’s important to remember that different weapons scale off various class attributes. For example, the higher your Dexterity stat, the stronger your bows will be. Keep this in mind whilst leveling and choosing which stats you wish to invest in.

Best New World PvP Weapons

I have allocated certain New World PvP weapons into certain tier groups, according to their power and usefulness in PvP.

S TierIce Gauntlet Rapier Life Staff
A TierBow Fire Staff Musket
B TierGreat Axe

By far, the most powerful New World PvP weapon has to be the Ice Gauntlet. (Pictured above).

The reason is that the CC, defensive and mana regeneration abilities are so important for PvP battles. It offers a variety of buffs/perks such as:

  • Impressive defensive cooldown
  • Increased mana regeneration
  • Can slow enemies and stop them from dodging your attacks
  • The Entomb skill can place you in a block of ice

It’s important to note that the Ice Gauntlets aren’t the strongest weapon in the entire game. They are just an excellent choice for PvP and can make for some devastating builds when paired with another weapon.

Another really good weapon that I saw a lot whilst playing PvP, is the Musket. And it pairs really well with the Rapier, as the Rapier allows you to get out of tight spaces with its movement speed buffs. When using the Musket in PvP I highly recommend making use of its range. Pair this with traps from the Trapper Tree and you will be difficult to take out in PvP.

The last weapon in the top PvP weapons list is the New World Fire Staff. The damage output of the Fire Staff is insane. However, it's consumes an extreme amount of mana. It really excels when paired with the Ice Gauntlet for the mana regeneration. The Ice Gauntlet also helps balance the lack of defensive skills for the Fire Staff.

Best New World PvE Weapons

I have allocated certain New World PvE weapons into certain tier groups, according to their power and usefulness in PvE.

S Tier Bow Fire Staff Sword and Shield
A Tier Rapier Spear
B Tier Hatchet Ice Gauntlet Musket
C TierGreat Axe

As you can see, the Ice Gauntlet which is really dominant in PvP, only made B tier on my list. Combat in PvE and PvP vary tremendously.

The perfect starting weapon for PvE (and in some cases PvP) has to be the Sword and Shield. The one downside to this in PvE is the maximum amount of DPS you can dish out. It is rather weak when going up against a hoard of enemies but it has rather noticeable self-healing buffs along with damage reduction buffs which make it a safe option to use and why it’s a good weapon to use when you’re jumping into the game for the first time.

An extremely devastating weapon to use in PvE, and possibly my go-to weapon in almost every game, is the bow. It is extremely potent at a ranged distance. This weapon bonuses from a high Dexterity build. And the skills allow you to evade attacks in case you become outnumbered.

The best PvE weapon, hands down, is the Fire Staff. It is the strongest weapon in the game currently. I’m suspecting a possible upcoming nerf, because of how powerful it is. The Fire Staff is a 2-hand magic weapon that does increased damage the higher your intelligence. This weapon can be used in PvE or PvP but it really outshines in PvE. It has huge AoE damage and can destroy mobs. I alternated between this and the bow and I had a ton of fun. As stated earlier in the article, the Fire Staff is very mana hungry, so best to pair it with the Ice Gauntlet for the increased mana regeneration.

Because the Fire Staff is so dominant in the game right now, I thought it would be fitting to explain how you too can get it when the game finally launches. You’re welcome.

Getting the Fire staff is as simple as crafting it at the Arcana. (A fancy word for a crafting station.) To craft the Fire Staff you will need specific materials:

  1. x12 Metal Ingots
  2. x8 Wood
  3. x6 Fire Motes (These can be harvested from a specific plant)

In the end, you are welcome to use any New World weapon you wish. Every person will always have their own preferred weapon that just feels good to them. There is currently a small variety of weapons in the game but, I am sure in time, more weapons will be released and as the meta changes, different weapons will become the new “go-to”, but until then, feel free to use the weapons listed in this article to help you dominate the island of Aeternum.