New World Healer Guide: Keep Everyone Alive

In this article I’ll go over some of the best Healer builds in New World, recommend some skills and armor for you to focus on as well as give you the latest New World Healer builds currently used in PVE and PVP.

Intro of New World Healer Builds

Even though New World doesn't really feature a “class system”to be exact, there are still roles that everyone chooses to play. One of these classes, is the Healer. With the game not giving you a “path” to build a proper healer, it can get difficult for some to decide the best New World skills and New World weapons to use. Healer is not the easiest class to play as you need to dish out enough damage to stay alive, but also compensate in certain fields to keep others alive. The Life Staff is the most popular primary weapon in all Healer Builds as it offers great healing options. There are a variety of different New World Healer Builds but there are 3 that stand out.
The 3 Healers builds that are currently dominating in New World. They are often referred to as:
*The Shaman (PVP and PVE)
*The Heal Thrower (PVE)
*The Cleric (PVP)
Later on, I will be detailing The Heal Thrower and The Cleric builds further. For now, here is the best PVE build to get you started on your journey of becoming a Healer in New World.

New World PVE beginner Healer Build

This build is known as the Life Staff/Ice Gauntlet Sustain Build and it excels in PVE and is a good starting point for many players wanting to play a support role. Your main stat priorities here should be Focus and Intelligence. This build can handle hordes of mobs pretty well while providing lasting buffs to the party and comes packing with Passive damages. It is quite a squishy build and don’t expect to dish out a ton of damage, but it is worth trying out. The CC provided from the Ice Gauntlet can setup some pretty amazing AoE attacks or just freeze enemies so you can escape.
I recommend the following weapons in your loadout:
*1st Weapon – Life Staff
*2nd Weapon – Ice Gauntlet

Recommended Skills:

Active SkillsPassive Skills
Orb of protectionAbsolvedGreater Pylon
Sacred GroundBlissful TouchGathering Storm
BeaconProtector’s BlessingWeakening Gust
Ice PylonShared ProtectionCold Reach
Ice StormAegisBlessed
EntombedHoly Ground
The best perks here are:
3)Cruel IV
4)Fortifying Sacred Ground
Use the Ice Gauntlet to grant passive damage to enemies whilst you focus on supporting your allies with your Life Staff. Use the Ice Gauntlet's Ice Pylon and Ice Storm skills to provide the party with passive damage and use your Life Staff’s Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, and Beacon for healing. Ice Gauntlet's Entombed makes sure you will never run out of mana as it lets you recover mana faster when cast. Consider placing down Sacred Ground before you enclose yourself as this will help you heal while being protected.

Best New World End Game Builds

New World PVE Builds

Now that you have a basic PVE build to get you started and keep you alive while playing the Healer class, lets take a look at the 3 best Healer Builds and where they shine.
Let's start off with the Heal Thrower as this is the ultimate end-game PVE build. You want to spend as much attribution points on Focus. Try to aim for at least 300 Focus.
I recommend the following weapon loadout:
*1st Weapon – Life Staff
*2nd Weapon - Hatchet

Recommended Skills to focus on:
Active SkillsPassive Skills
Sacred GroundDesperate SpeedRevitalize
BeaconSacred ProtectionBalance
Lights EmbraceProtector’s StrengthSpeed of Light
Divine EmbraceGlowing FocusRejuvenating Crits
Rending ThrowBend LightRefreshing Throws
Social DistancingInfused LightAdrenaline Rush
Infected ThrowAbsolvedPersistent Hindrance
Raging TorrentPrivilegeEnraged Strikes

Holy GroundOn the Hunt
Heavy armor is the best choice for this build. Light or medium armor does not provide enough healing benefits. Heavy armor increases your resistance to damage and extends the duration of your buffs (20% longer for ice gauntlets/hatches which is perfect since you are using a hatchet with this build). Light Armor gives you 20% additional healing, but you suffer a lot of damage due to the low resistances this armor provides. I personally like to use Medium Armor for this build as it gives me a bit more mobility.

Recommended Gems:
DiamondPrimary Weapon+6/9/12/15% damage and outgoing healing while at full health
AmberSecondary Weapon20/30/40/50% of damage is converted to Nature. Damage scales off of weapon stat or FOC, whichever is higher
Carnelian ArmorYou generate 4/6/8/10% less threat

New World PVP Builds

Now let’s talk about The Cleric. The Cleric excels in PVP and makes for a solid solo build thanks to the perks of the Sword and Shield.
I recommend the following weapon loadout:
*1st Weapon – Life Staff
*2nd Weapon – Sword and Shield

Recommended Skills to focus on:
Active SkillsPassive Skills
Orb of ProtectionMagnifyOne with the Shield
Lights EmbraceGlowing FocusStudy Grip
Splash of LightSpirits UnitedDefensive Training
Shield Bash Protector’s StrengthInvigorating Bulwark
Shield RushProtector’s TouchRecuperation
Final StandElemental ResistanceAchilles Heel
The Cleric must be able to withstand a ton of damage, so it is recommended to have Heavy Armor to absorb such damage not only from enemies but other players. Try to keep your Focus attribute at 200, as it grants a 30% increase to all your buffs. The Hatchet will dish out damage whilst your Life Staff will keep you alive when things get tough. Having an Amber gem in your Hatchet slot will allow you to deal more damage even if you are putting your points in Focus. Berserk and Raging Torrent are amazing skills as both will buff your DPS. When you are in a tough situation, use Social distancing as an easy means of escape, this will create distance between you and the enemy, allowing you to swap to your Life Staff to heal and return to the fight. When you need to heal, just make sure you gain enough distance and use Divine Embrace as well as Sacred Ground. You can also use Sacred Ground and Beacon before you jump back in to the fight, allowing you to heal while fighting. Just remember to swap back to your Hatchet.

Final Thoughts
I don't personally play a Healer Build in New World; however, many people do. It's a great class that allows you to stay alive, as well as dish out viable damage. As you can see from my guide, all builds require a Life Staff as a primary weapon and either a Hatchet, War Hammer or Ice Gauntlet as secondary. To get a Life Staff in New World you can craft one using iron and Life Motes at any Forge. You can also find them in chests if you are lucky. The secondary weapon you use will depend on the build, situation or preference. Either way, if you are playing with friends online – its always good to have at least 1 Healer. Dying isn't penalized severely in New World but you can lose durability on your items.
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