All round guide to repairing items in New World

In this article I will go over how to repair New World weapons, how to get more items and equipment, provide you with some general tips and talk about how you can use New World gold to make repairing items, easier.

Quick rundown of repairing items in New World

Nothing lasts forever. Sadly, in New World, your armor and weapons WILL break. I will show you how to repair these now-less-useful items. Whether you’re slaying monsters or dying from another player while indulging in PVP, your equipment will lose durability and sooner or later you will need to repair them. If you don't repair your items, they eventually will break. If a weapon breaks, you will not be able to use it at all, until it is repaired. To repair weapons in New World you will need to have a special resource called Repair Parts along with some gold coins. You can also turn these Repair Parts into Repair Kits, which I will go over in more detail later. (Note: You cannot buy Repair Parts from another player). You probably wondering: “How can I tell if my items need repairing?” Well, that’s simple. Keep an eye out for a white bar. There should be one under every weapon, armor piece, and tool, which indicates the item’s current durability. If the item does not have a white bar under it, then that means it’s at 100% durability.

How to get Repair Parts in New World?

 The only way is to salvage armor and weapons. You can’t buy them; you can’t fish for them and you can’t trade them. To salvage armor and weapons simply move your cursor over the item you want to salvage and then left click it after pressing the “S” key. I highly recommend dismantling most of your old and unwanted gear that you find whilst travelling, killing enemies or from opening chests. Keep in mind that the cap value for Repair Parts is 2000. I wish they would increase this as I find my weapons breaking really easy. I suppose the plus side is that they don’t take up any space in my inventory and they don’t reduce the weight I can carry either. (Thanks Amazon Games). Also remember that if your character dies, all your weapons and armor will lose some durability. Should you wish to farm for Repair Parts, simply farm for items/equipment via killing enemies, opening chests or crafting them and then salvaging them. Don’t make the mistake of salvaging ALL your gear. There might come a time when you need it for whatever reason or maybe you find yourself with 0 Repair Parts and no extra weapons to switch to.

How to repair items in New World

Open your inventory and find the item you wish to repair. Hover your mouse over it and you will see an item menu come up. Check if you have enough gold coins and Repair parts to start the repair process. If you have enough, you can press the “R” key + Left Mouse Button or simply drag a Repair Kit over the item to repair it. If you don’t have enough gold coins, you can sell items or you can buy gold coins, fast and safe, right here. You can also take advantage of the “Repair All” button at the bottom of your inventory screen to repair all damaged armor and weapons at once.

How to get more items/equipment?

Aside from looting enemies or opening chests, you can also buy items from other players from the trading post in town. If you do not have any weapons or armor to salvage, you can buy some from a trading post in any town. You can also craft your weapons, tools, and armor and then salvaging them, provided you have the resources to make them in the first place.

The best way to get items and equipment in my opinion is questing. Questing, questing and more questing. Not only do supply crates and caches occasionally give weapons and armor, but enemies will sometimes drop them too. Additionally, many quests will also reward you with weapon and armor cases upon completion. Whenever you find yourself not wanting to raid, claim territory or participate in the many other activities this game has to offer, consider doing some quests.

How to make Repair Kits in New World

To make Repair Kits in New World, you will need to combine x amount of Repair Parts. Bear in mind that you will also need 15 points minimum in the Weaponsmithing profession. Once crafted you can use these Repair Kits to repair your items. Keep in mind though that the Repair Kits you make will have a Tier system. A Standard Repair Kit can only repair Tier II items, so keep this in mind. Below is a table showing what Repair Kit can repair what item.

Standard Repair KitTier II items
Advanced Repair KitTier III items
Expert Repair KitTier IV items
Master Repair KitTier V items

Cost of making Repair Kits

Tier II Repair Kitx55 Repair Parts
Tier III Repair Kitx100 Repair Parts
Tier IV Repair Kitx175 Repair Parts
Tier V Repair Kitx350 Repair Parts
I should also mention that you cannot partially repair a weapon using a Repair Kit. So, if a high tier item needs to be repaired 100%, you will most likely need a Tier V Repair Kit. You can’t use x1 Tier III and x1 Tier II Repair Kit to repair the item.

My thoughts

Whether you like this system or not, your armor and weapons will break. It’s simply a question of when. Personally, I don’t like these kinds of systems where weapons can lose durability and break. It feels more like a simulator than the RPG feel that you get when playing MMO’s. But everyone has their own opinion, I guess. As stated earlier, make sure you salvage all unwanted and old gear. Just make sure you watch out for the 2000 cap of Repair Parts that you can carry. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I salvaged so much of my gear and eventually I realized my Repair Parts weren’t going up. It was only after this that I actually saw there is a maximum amount you can carry. All that time spent and gear wasted for nothing. What I eventually did was; I used x amount of Repair Parts + a crafting mod to create a Repair Kit. Thus, lowering my value of 2000 Repair Parts, allowing me to once again salvage gear and stock up on Repair Parts. Also, don’t waste all your New World gold coins buying other players items when you can craft your own or just farm for it. Plan your way around your materials, gold coins and resources. Work smarter, not harder. And if you find yourself short on gold coins for whatever reason, instead of selling items at the trading post, rather salvage them for Repair Parts and buy New World coins, fast and safe, here at It will save you a ton of time and energy, trust me.

New World is currently playable on Windows only.