New World Weaponsmithing Guide

With so many gamers wondering how to level Weaponsmithing fast in New World, we thought we would bring you an in-depth Weaponsmithing guide. You'll learn how to level this trade skill fast, learn about the connected skills and the benefits of Weaponsmithing.

Weaponsmithing – Covering the basics

Weaponsmithing is one of the 7 non-combat trade skills in New World that is focused on the creation of melee weapons such as swords, axes, spears, rapiers and other weapons. The other 6 trade skills in the Crafting category are: Armoring, Engineering, Jewel Crafting, Cooking, Furnishing and Arcana. The main gathering profession that will assist you in Weaponsmithing is Mining although there are other skills you will need. As with any skill, the higher your level, the more powerful weapons you can craft. If you don’t want to wait for weapon drops or want the best of the best, Weaponsmithing is probably for you.

As mentioned earlier, Mining will assist you greatly in gathering the resources you need, however these gathering skills are also very important:


Forges and how to start Weaponsmithing

Weaponsmithing can be performed at a Forge which you can usually find within settlements. Forges are tier-based, so keep this in mind when crafting because every weapon has a tier requirement for crafting. To level up a Forge’s Tier, simply complete requests from that settlement’s Town Project Board, or you can be like me and simply visit another settlement which has a higher Tier Forge.

To begin your Weaponsmithing journey in New World, make your way to the anvil icon on your map. Once you’re at a Forge, you’ll see a list of recipes that you can craft depending on what materials you have in your inventory. You can select which weapons you would like to craft from the left-hand side of the screen. Once you select a craft, you will see the ingredients on the left side of the center-section. If you have the right number of resources, the “Craft” button will light up blue on the bottom right, allowing you to craft this item. Every item you craft will award you with XP. Some items award you with more XP than others. Sometimes, various resources can be used. Be sure to look out for this to avoid using rare resources to craft something which can be crafted with other, less rare resources. If you do not have the right resources or if the Forge is not a sufficient Tier, you will notice a “Can’t Craft” on the bottom right of your screen.

Leveling Weaponsmithing Fast

Weaponsmithing level 0 to 200 requires an overall 97,375 XP. There are a few options to get Weaponsmithing from level 0 to 100 quickly, however, they require you to be level 20 in Weaponsmithing. Simply craft anything until you reach level 20. I did this by crafting Iron Axes. They don’t require a lot of resources and award a fair amount of XP.

Once you’ve reached level 20, you can begin crafting Weak Honing Stones. Weak Honing Stones will increase your damage by 200% for a short period. But, that’s not why you are going to craft them. The resources to craft them are very few, as you can see below, and each Weak Honing Stone you create will award you with 36 XP. That might not sound like a lot but considering how inexpensive they are to make, you could make a lot, and that 36 XP will accumulate and make a huge difference.

To craft Weak Honing Stones, you will need the following:
  ●1 x Stone Block
  ●1 x Death Mote
  ●1 x Fire Mote

From my experience, the fastest way to level up Weaponsmithing effectively is by following the table I have created below. This will ensure you level up as quickly as possible. The Weak Honing Stone option is definitely cheaper on resources, but the below method is quicker as you will be awarded more XP. If you have the resources, consider following it if you wish to level up Weaponsmithing faster.
Levels  Item to craftResource requirements
1-50Iron Great AxeX12 Iron Ingot, x2 Coarse leather, x3 Timber
51-100Steel RapierX8 Steel ingot, x1 Coarse leather, x2 Timber
101-150Iron WarhammerX12 Iron Ingot, x2 Coarse leather, x3 Timber
151-200Orichalcum RapierX10 Orichalcum ingot, x1 infused leather, x2 Ironwood planks

Weaponsmithing Weapon Perks

When crafting weapons, you have the option to use Azoth to give you a higher chance of crafting a weapon with a perk or empty Gem Socket. Azoth is a mineral that is being used as currency in the game. It has various uses such as Fast Travel etc., however in Weaponsmithing its used to roll different weapon perks on weapons. The more Azoth you pay, the better odds you have, though the end result is completely random and you’re not always guaranteed to get one that you want. Additionally, there are a number of special materials that can be gathered in the world that, when used during the crafting process, can dictate what perk is added to the weapon. However, this still does not guarantee it 100%. You can acquire Azoth via the following ways:

  ●Complete main quests
  ●Using a tool with the Azoth Extraction perk
  ●After you hit level 20, enemies will occasionally drop Azoth

Weaponsmithing Tips

  ●You should always complete Town Project Board quests when you can as they grant trade skill experience, which will boost your Weaponsmithing levels and raise the settlements Forge Tier.
  ●Always salvage your crafted items. Salvaging items you make with Weaponsmithing will refund you a couple of Ingots.
  ●There are also a few Trophies you can create which will boost the Gear Score of the gear you craft.

NameGear Score Increase
Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy+3
Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy+4
Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy+5

Benefits of Weaponsmithing

Besides being a fun thing to do on the side, the main benefits of Weaponsmithing are:

  ●Being able to craft weapons stronger than other ones you might find. Or simply, being able to get a desired weapon without having to wait RNG to bless you with one. Crafting weapons with special resources like Azoth will also allow you to roll desired perks on the weapon, saving you a lot of time.
  ●You can sell your high gear score weapons for quite a bit of New World gold at the Trade Post.

To sum up

As you can see, there are a few benefits to Weaponsmithing in New World. I’ve personally invested a lot of time into this Trade skill. Not only will you level Weaponsmithing, but gathering resources to craft weapons will level your gathering skills as well. The higher your gathering skill, the rarer resources you can gather. Some of which can sell for quite a sum of NW coins at the Trade Post. The sooner you start Weaponsmithing, the easier it will get. That’s not to say it will get easier on resources. Because, you will need a lot as you progress through your Weaponsmithing levels. If you find yourself short on gold however, don’t panic. We got you. You can buy New World coins safe and fast, right here at to help you out.