New World Minimum System Requirements and Recommendations

New World is under a lot of pressure. The early modern fantasy MMO is Amazon's latest effort at creating a PC blockbuster, something the company has struggled with in the past: competitive shooter Crucible was published, then canceled, while multiplayer brawler Breakaway was canceled before it ever left alpha. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why New World has been postponed till 2021. Given Amazon's massive money account, two bad beginnings may be excused, but three would be a disaster.

New World has always felt like the Amazon game with the most chance of succeeding. This is due in part to its practical design and scope. Over the last decade, a slew of Kickstarter-backed MMOs have sprung up, promising EVE Online-style intrigue and bustling dynamic worlds managed completely by gamers.

We now know a lot more about what to anticipate from the MMO, whether it's magic, combat, or how its factions, forts, and corporations truly function, thanks to the New World beta's conclusion. I’ve put together my hardware recommendations for New World and my reasons for making the recommendation that I did to help you get the hardware you need so you are ready for the release of New World on September 28th. Buy cheap New World coins to gain huge advantages.

A common mistake that occurs when someone wants to play a specific game without spending too much on hardware is that they would try to run the game with specs below or at the recommended system requirements. This would almost always result in less than desirable framerate and graphics quality, this is because game developers would typically put the minimum system requirements lower than what would usually be considered playable to increase the amount of people able to play their game and they would also typically set the recommended system requirements to what would usually be considered just passable for a playable experience. Not only that, but following what he game system requirements recommend might even cost more than to get better performing hardware.

New World Minimum and recommended system requirements:

                                                                     Credits: PCGameBenchmark

How could this be? You may ask, the answer is simple. I’ll take the video card or gpu as they are the largest factor in deciding the smoothness of your gameplay from the recommended system requirements of New World: gtx 970 (in the image the R9 390X is the recommended gpu but both the gtx 970 and R9 390X are recommended gpus) as an example. If you look up gtx 970 on Newegg ( which is one of the best places to be shopping for pc components, you’ll find prices for this gpu go as high as $800 even though its msrp (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is only at $329. Just a quick disclaimer, for the past year and a half due to multiple reasons the pc components market (mostly the gpus) has been very out of whack so keep this in mind when looking at this information. The main reason for much older hardware to increase in price is because they have stopped being produced a long time ago and as new generations of gpus arrive, the older hardware becomes rarer and rarer.

Well, then simply buy the newest generation of gpus as those would offer the cost-to-performance, right? Yes, under normal conditions that is, for example, the best card of the previous 20 series gpus (Rtx 2080 Ti) from Nvidia has an msrp of $1200 whereas you can achieve the same or even better performance with a Rtx 3070 from the newest 30 series of gpus at a msrp $500. The problem is the out of whack market as mentioned already making it extremely difficult to find any gpu remotely close to its msrp. The prices any relatively new gpu have been significantly inflated, this includes gpus from the 30 series, 20, series, some from the 16 series and even a few from the 10 series.

There are also other things to consider when selecting the most suitable gpu for you, things such as what will you be doing in the game? This is an especially important thing to think about in large MMO games such as New World as there’s a great variation in what a person can be doing in the game and as such the variation of the load of the graphics card. For example, the load on your gpu would be wildly different if you were just running around and exploring compared to large scale 50v50 battles. Another thing to consider is the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor, you can see both those things in the display settings. The higher the resolution of your screen the more pixels your gpu has to render per frame and if your monitors refresh rate 60hz like many non-gaming monitors that means that your monitor can only display 60 fps and there’s little point going over it.

After going through just about everything, it's time for my final recommendation. The goal of my recommendation is to give you the best experience on New World at the best value, although if you are planning on playing some other modern titles, I suggest waiting for prices to go down before purchasing a much more recent gpu either a Nvidia 30 series or an AMD 6000 series card. After many hours of research and looking around at prices, I conclude that the gtx 1070 is currently the most suitable graphics card for this game, it is the closest gpu to its msrp and is a significantly better than the gtx 970 and should provide adequate performance and breathing room for your system. If you are unsure what to pair with this graphics card, I recommend an AMD Ryzen 1600 or Ryzen 2600 cpu, a b450 motherboard and 16gb of ram.

In summary, New World is new huge open world MMO made by Amazon Games as their latest attempt to make PC Hit. Due to recent problems in the gpu market and various other reasons, I have concluded that the gtx 1070 is the most suitable graphics card for this game.