New World Logging Guide

New World is Amazon’s MMORPG that focuses on PvP and PvE content. A large portion of the PvE content in New World is crafting and life skills. These systems serve many purposes, from lifestyle improvements to PvP and late-game PvE content. This New World guide will focus on arguably the most important life skill, logging.

Logging is a therapeutic life skill that uses axes to chop down trees. However, it can be time-consuming as you would have to cut down over a thousand trees to hit max level. This New World Logging guide will show you the fastest way to level up logging while showing you the benefits of this skill. We will explain the level requirements of each tree before you can start cutting them down.

What is Logging in New World?

As we said before, logging is just the act of cutting down trees. It is the easiest skill to understand and level in New World; however, if you wish to level it up and focus on it, we will show you the best trees to farm to hit max level.
Logging is used in conjunction with many other professions since those professions will use logs and the materials gathered from the trees to craft them. The primary jobs that need logging are:
●Weapon Crafting
●Creating Camps

There are a lot of professions that require logs, but these are the most notable.
Additionally, logging can make a fair profit on the Marketplace. Many players don’t see this profession through until late game and choose to purchase logs at a reasonable price on the Marketplace.

Vital Information Before Starting This Guide

Logging requires a tiny bit of preparation before going out into the world. This is what you will need:
●Correct Tools
●Potions (Not required but valuable for increased chopping speed)
●Know your locations and farming routes

New World Logging Tools

Tools are necessary for increased chopping speed and a must-have to chop down higher-level trees.
Here is a list of all the tools you will be using:
●Tier I - Flint Logging Axe - Gathering speed 100% - Requires level 1 to equip
●Tier II - Iron Logging Axe - Gathering speed 125% - Requires level 1 to equip
●Tier III - Steel Logging Axe: Gathering speed 250% Requires level 17 to equip
●Tier IV - Starmetal Logging Axe: Gathering speed 400% Requires Level 37 to equip
●Tier V - Orichalcum Logging Axe Gathering speed: 635% Requires Level 60 to equip

As you can see from this list, the higher-level tool you have, you will gather faster. Our top-tip suggestion for low-level is to get the Iron logging axe as it is 25% faster than the Fling logging axe and is the same level requirement. After the first initial quests, you will gain a Flint axe but as soon as possible, replace it with the Iron logging axe. The Iron logging axe is cheap and quick to make only using:
●3 Timbers
●2 Coarse Leather
●12 Iron Ingots

New World Logging Guide

Now that the preparation is complete, we will begin with locations and trees to farm for the fastest leveling experience.

Level 1-50

These levels are the easiest you will want to farm:

●Young Trees
Although this step is the easiest, it’s all about the efficiency of your route; the best location to farm young trees is here:

Newhaven is the best location to farm young trees as it is a low-level zone with not much contest. Just head North, South West, and South East of Newhaven.

Level 50-100

Everybody is arguing over the fastest way to level from 50 to 100. However, we believe that you can either still carry on farming Young Trees or move on to Mature Trees. We would recommend farming:
●Young Trees till 60
●Move on to Mature Trees till 100

Remember you must be level 50 in logging to cut down Mature Trees and use at least an Iron logging axe.
Here is the best location to farm Mature Trees:

●Just South of Greenhaven

Level 100-175

Levels 100-175 is when the guide gets more complex and requires more player levels. You will need to farm:
●Young Trees
●Mature Trees
●WyrdWood Trees
Cutting down Young Trees or Mature Trees will still give the same experience; however, you will need more experience per level to reach the next level. Essentially this means you will need to farm WyrmWood Trees for the fastest leveling experience.
Here is a great farming route for WyrmWood:

You will farm WyrmWood starting from the East and heading to the North of Bearclaw Pass.
While farming on this route, remember to chop down every Mature and Young tree you pass. WyrmWood trees have about a 2 minute respawn time depending on your server. Repeat this cycle over and over till you reach 175. Remember, you need to have a Steel Logging Axe or higher to cut down WyrmWood.

Level 175-200

175-200 is the final step in your logging leveling. You will need to focus on Ironwood Trees now. As we said before, all trees give experience towards logging skills so you can cut down other trees to hit max level. However, this is a guide on the fastest way to level, and the best way to do that is to farm Ironwood trees.
Here is where you will want to farm Ironwood:

Eldengrove is the ripest with Ironwood trees making it the best location to farm. Remember to have a Starmetal Logging Axe or higher to farm these trees and hit all other mature/young trees along the way.

Extra Information to Help Level Up Logging in New World

Bag Space / Carry Weight

Having enough bag space is an essential part of leveling up logging as logs are heavy. We recommend every 50 levels to upgrade your carry weight either through home chest improvements or larger bags.

Enhancements for Gathering

Enhancing your tools is a great way to decrease the time it takes to cut down a tree, so this is a no-brainer. You can also use potions to reduce gathering times. Another suggestion is to join a faction, as they have benefits that increase gathering speeds and storage capacities.

Level-Up Other Professions

While leveling logging, use the materials you gather to increase other skills. You will also be running past mining veins, herbs, and animals; this allows you the unique opportunity to improve other life skills while focusing on logging.

Sell Excess Materials

Logs are an essential part of many professions in the New World, so remember to throw up your items onto the Marketplace as often as possible. Selling this natural resource can allow you to afford bigger bags, better equipment, and enhancements for gathering.

We hope you liked this guide; if you did, check out our other New World guides. If you are struggling with New World gold and just want to reach the end game as soon as possible, check out our great deals on gold exchanges. As always, happy hunting!