New World Jewelcrafting Guide

Everyone likes to put on a dazzling new piece of jewellery! It just adds a nice touch of sophistication and elevates your look to another level!
Well, that's not what the path of crafting Jewelry is for in the New World. Rather than aesthetics, New World Jewelcrafting for things like raw gemstone jewellery is done for the various buffs, bonuses, and non-elemental boost that they give you in battle.

This is why our veteran team of gamers here at NewWorldGolds have come up with this New World Jewelcrafting Guide so that we can clear every doubt you may have about Jewelcrafting, and enable you to soar through our Jewelcrafting levelling guide.
Well, if you're ready, let's hop right into it!

What is New World Jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting is one of the trade skills available in the New World. It involves crafting all of your mined and refined gemstones into various trinkets, such as amulets, rings and necklaces. Raw gemstone jewellery is highly valued in New World.

Because of the other non-negotiable companion skills that are needed to be levelled up along with Jewelcrafting — which are mining and stone cutting — this profession turns out to be one of the more difficult trade skills to level up quickly.

How to Craft Using Jewelcrafting in New World

As we've mentioned earlier in this Jewelcrafting guide, there are 3 extra skills that you will need to level when you take the path of crafting jewels.

Skills Required

1.Mining: Getting your Mining skill to silver is what we recommend as you start to have a higher chance to drop gemstones than just Iron.
2.Harvesting: Various elemental motes such as the Death Motes, Air Motes, etc. need to be gathered.

3.Stone Cutting: Alongside gathering elemental motes, you need to take up stone cutting which allows you to cut and refine gems. You can refine better gems as you progress with levelling.

Work Stations Required

1.Tier 2 Stone Cutting Table: to refine gems
2.Tier 2 Outfitting Station: to craft trinket components and amulets
3.Tier 3 Smelter: to craft silver ingots
4.A minimum of Level 30 Harvesting Skill: to retrieve notes from various magical plants.

New World Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

The following is our Jewelcrafting guide that we have broken down into 4 sections, for every 50 levels. These guides, suggestions, and methods are what we found to be optimal, but keep in mind that there is no one right method:

Level 0-50

What you need: 510 Silver Ingot, 51 Flawed Pearl
What to craft: Silver Chain, Flawed Pearl Amulets, Silver Setting
If you possess the Cut Flawed Gems and the Stone Cutting requirements, you can simply craft 51 Flawed Gem Amulets, Rings, or Earrings instead.
Otherwise, just stick to what we've recommended: craft 51 Silver Settings and Silver Chains using 459 Silver Ingots, then use those to make 51 Flawed Pearl Amulets. This will ensure you reach level 50 exactly.

Level 50-100

What you need: 123 Silver Ingot, 123 Pearls
What to craft: Pearl Amulet / Gem Amulet
To easily breeze through to level 100, you will need 492 Silver Ore and 123 Pearls to craft 123 Pearl Amulets. Pearls can be found in Ore Veins, which you are bound to run into when you are mining for Iron, Silver, and other ores, You can also find Pearls in Oysters and Clams, which you can retrieve from fishing. You can also use 123 Cut Gems to craft Rings or Gem Amulets.

Level 100-150

What you need: 1316 Silver Ingot —> 1646 Silver Ingot, 329 Brilliant Pearl, 329 Silver Ingot, 329 Silver Chain, 329 Silver Setting
What to craft: Silver Setting —> Silver Chain, Brilliant Pearl Amulet
For levelling to level 101, you need 1316 Silver Ingots. For levelling from 101 - 102, you need 1646 Silver Ingots. Those are for crafting Silver Setting, and Silver Chain, respectively.
To level from 102 - 150, you will need 329 Silver Ingot, along with the previously crafted Silver Setting and Silver Chain; a ton of raw gemstone jewellery. To acquire the Brilliant Pearls, you'll have to go fishing and look for Oysters, which are available in plenty of locations.
You can also use 329 Cut Brilliant Gems to craft Brilliant Gem Rings, Amulets, or Earrings.

Level 150-200

What you need: 6800 Silver Ingot, 680 Pristine Pearl, 680 Silver Chain, 680 Silver Setting
What to craft: Pristine Pearl Ring / Earring / Amulet
Now, you need to craft around 680 Silver Chains and Silver Settings, and then use them to craft the same amount of Pristine Pear Amulets, Rings, or Earrings.
You can also utilize 680 Cut Pristine Gems to make Pristine Gem Rings, Earrings, or Amulets that will give you useful buffs and non-elemental boosts.

Once you are finished with all of this, you will have reached the maximum Jewelcrafting level!
It's very easy to say these words, about easily reaching the maximum Jewelcrafting level, but that is far from the truth. We have just laid down the blueprint that you should follow, but applying it into practice is a different story.
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As we have already mentioned, New World Jewelcrafting is probably the toughest profession to level up. It needs heavy time and/or money investment. If you decide to do it without spending any money, you will need hours and hours of time spent on mining and fishing.

That being said, Jewelcrafting proves to be the most rewarding profession as well, since the accessories and items crafted through this profession provides you with insane buffs and bonuses that will help you breeze through the end-game content of New World.
So don't be shy, go on out there and start Jewelcrafting!