New World Furnishing Guide

There are seven crafting professions in New World; we will be going over how to do the fastest leveling guide for the most challenging profession; Furnishing. Stick around till the end of the article to see our honorable mentions and why we think Furnishing is an essential skill in New World.

What is New World Furnishing?

Furnishing is the profession that allows you to create items for your homes that provide unique buffs and increase carry weight. The Furnishing profession is one of the most challenging professions in the game. It uses the most refined resources and requires more experience per level than any other profession in the game. It will also be necessary to find the correct workbenches to craft your items, which can be a more significant pain than it sounds. However, Furnishing is one of the best professions to max out for the late game as the buffs and carry weight are massively helpful.
In this guide, we will attempt to show you how to best level up furnishing so that you can benefit from all of what this profession has to offer with the minimalist amount of resources.

New World Furnishing Guide: How To Get Started

First of all, purchase a home in any city/town you desire. Once you own a home, you can begin to look for a workshop to get started crafting. Furnishing shares the workshop with engineering. Before we begin with our list of ingredients, you should max out mining, harvesting, and woodcutting (or at least level it high enough.) Trust us; this is important as it’s going to require a lot of resources. If you don’t have the time for that, you can check out our store for secure gold transfers at low prices here. Using our store, you can get the most challenging profession in New World finished in one afternoon. It’s that easy.

Fastest New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Now that we’ve covered how to get started let’s look at the cheapest and fastest way to level up furnishing. This method does require either chopping a lot of trees or spending gold on the marketplace to get these resources. This guide is focused on three steps that keep costs low and crafting minimal. Let’s check it out.

New World Furnishing Lvl 0-55

For reaching level 55, you will need to craft either of these two items:
●Round Sunny Rug
●Wicker Basket
The Round Skinny Rug requires these resources to craft:
●15 x Linen
●5 x Crossweave
●5 x Fibers
The Wicker Basket requires these resources to craft:
●35 x Reeds
●25 x Fibers
●1 x Weak Solvent
What you will want to do is farm out these resources or buy them off the marketplace. Keep creating either of these items till you reach level 55 in Furnishing.
You want to use these items because (depending on your server) these prices are lower than any other recipe and give the same experience per resource. We recommend the Round Sunny Rug because it’s generally cheaper than the Wicker Basket; however, either one is fine.

New World Furnishing Lvl 50-150

The next step is to find the recipe for a Tree Stump Side Table. You can find this either randomly through chests (the hard way) or simply find it on the marketplace for a small price. The recipe used to unlock this item is the “Schematic: Stump Stool.” This item is by far the cheapest item per resource to farm and is easily the best way to level up furnishing for most of its leveling.
You will need to create:
●Tree Stump Side Table
The resources required to craft the Tree Stump Side Table is as follows:
●35 x Lumber
●10 x Weak Solvent
●2 x Maple Stain
This method is so efficient because it does not require any form of iron/steel or metal. The metals on any server are generally more expensive (by a landslide) than wood or weak solvents and maple stains.
Let’s move on to the next step.

New World Furnishing Lvl 150-200

For the high level’s you have fewer choices, and with fewer choices, we have less efficient options; however, next up is the Mahogany stain. Mahogany stain only requires two ingredients which are as follows:
●10 x Pure Solvent
●4 x Oil
 The pure solvent should be relatively cheap and easy to get your hands on, depending on your server. Oil, however, is quite expensive but still by far the most affordable way to level up Furnishing. We recommend buying oil when it is low on the marketplace as it fluctuates a lot. So spend some time looking at the market and when you see oil drop, buy as much as you can; you will need a lot of it.

Honorable Mentions

Now just because we can find the most optimal way to level up furnishing, it doesn’t mean you can’t craft anything else. We recommend crafting as many trophies and storage chests as you can while you’re leveling up. Keep in mind that preparing these items can be costly, but their rewards are tremendous. Trophies directly impact your leveling, grinding, and crafting by adding passive buffs to the player that increase damage, lessen harvesting time, etc.

Storage chests are also essential and can be fitted with runes like our bags to add more weight. These storage chests serve as a way for you to carry more in the outside world and are a must in New World.

So that was our guide on Furnishing, which in our opinion, is the most helpful end game profession in New World. The increase in bag space, along with passive buffs, is too hard to pass on. We hope you enjoyed our guide, and we hope that you were able to save a lot of time and money by following this simple 3 step process to max out your furnishing. As mentioned before, check out our new world coins store for amazing secure deals on gold transfers and character boosts. We offer to all servers, including NA and EU. We also have a dedicated team of gamers and writers making the most efficient and informative guides, and you check those out here. As always, Happy hunting!