How to Manage Mana in New World

If you're running out of Mana in the New World, and have absolutely no idea how to manage it, then you've landed on the right spot.
In this comprehensive guide, we'll give you tricks of the trade that will save you a lot of time and frustration. Welcome to buy new world gold from our site when in need.
Let's start right away with the first and the most tried & tested method…


Consumables are a big part of the New World and are an absolute necessity if you want to keep going. They give you health, endurance, and of course, Mana.
There are a total of 11 types of consumables available in the new world, but of course, not all of them are worth considering and vital.

However, two of them are non-negotiable for your survival; Ration (Meals) and Potion. Both have their own merits and demerits. On one hand, ration gives you healing over time and has no cooldown time, and on the other hand, potion gives you instant effect but has 30-60 seconds cooldown.
For mana management, we only need potions, and there are two types of potions you should look for-
•Mana Potions: They restore all your mana instantly but they have 30-60 seconds cooldown, depending on your level. So, only use them when you have no mana left to activate any available ability.

•Regeneration potions: They help in recovering both health and mana points and they too have a cooldown, depending on your level. Making regeneration potions is a bit of a hassle for new players and they increase mana over time not instant, that’s why we recommend using mana potions.

How to get potions and rations easily as a beginner?

I know this sounds exciting! Getting a Tier I Mana potion or Weak Mana Potion is easier than you think. Just follow my lead.
Go to any nearby freshwater river you can find. Look around the banks, you’ll see Briar Buds, they look like this:

Collect a few of them and then go inside the river and collect some fresh water from there. That's all the ingredients you'll need.
Now, grab some greenwood from the bushes and press the craft key to set up a campfire. Once the menu pops up, go straight to the potion section, click on weak mana potions under consumables, select the number of potions you need, and hit the craft button. You'll have your Tier I mana potion ready. That's it, Make as many as you want.

Regeneration portions

Before going to regeneration potions, we want to remind you again that sticking to just mana potions will save you a lot of time if you're a newbie. Regeneration potions require a lot of ingredients and missions to make, so they'll consume a lot of your time and they restore mana over time. If you're fine with it, then let's see how you can get your hands on regeneration potions.

Go to your town hall board and see if the town needs any alchemist or not. If yes, then rush towards the Arcane Repository of that town, Press E, and complete the asked missions to start making potions of your choice, including Regeneration potions.
Quick Cheat: You can visit this interactive new world map and on the left-hand menu, scroll all the way down to Services options, click on “Town Hall Boards”, and the map will show you all the town hall boards there are in the whole game. We are sure it will save you a lot of time.
However, if you don't want to waste time completing missions in order to get some potions, then I have a quick alternative that’ll make your health bar full; Ration.

Easy Ration

This is the quickest way you can get ration in the New World. So stop wasting time if you’re cooking meat to fill your health bar. Instead, go to any town you can find nearby, look for cattle (you’ll find them usually tied in the back of houses), and get some milk from them.
Now, open your kitchen menu and go to light ration, select milk from the primary option bar, and bit craft (1 Milk = 1 Ration). There you have it, the easiest, and quickest ratio you can possibly get in the new world.
Again, the interactive map can help you locate the kitchen of the town you are in so that you can convert milk into the ration. Scroll down to the “Services” options on the left menu bar and click on Kitchen. You’ll see all the available kitchens in the new world.

Weapon Mastery

The second tool in our armoury is Weapon Mastery, which will help you get mana points while slaying the enemies and putting them on their deathbeds.

Fire Staff

Spell Focus + Flare
With each heavy attack, Spell Focus and Flare allow fire staff users to regain 5% of their mana pool. Regular heavy attacks can help you keep your mana pool up, allowing you to use your fire staff abilities on cooldown. This can help you use the Clear Mind passive.
Reheat is a key passive in the pyromancer tree. Mana regen is increased by 400.0 per cent after 6.0s without using a Fire Staff ability.
Taking Reheat is not advised due to the 6-second delay in passive activation. 6 seconds is enough time to die from lack of mobility (burnout) or ability cast on the back bar. Reheat also misses out on the massive burst of damage Rune of Helios can provide. Reheat is not currently a recommended passive.

Ice Gauntlet

Entomb encases the user in ice, making them invulnerable and replenishing their mana pool quickly. It can be used safely when your mana pool is nearly empty and you don't have a mana potion cooldown. both PVE and PVP.
Critical Rejuvenation
Every time you hit an enemy with a critical strike, you get 15 mana back. This, along with Critical Frost, keeps your mana bar full passively.

Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm requires three light attacks to return 15 mana. Most of the time you should be managing your active weapons' cooldowns, leaving little time to focus on 3 light attacks in a row (let alone landing them). If you don't have the fire staff, this may be your only option to actively regen mana. The reward is also minimal.
Since a light attack costs 2 mana (6 total), you will only get 9 mana in exchange. There are better options, but if you have trouble managing mana and don't have a fire staff, you can try Gathering Storm.
Empowered Frost
To cast mana return spells, you must be in a frosted area. Empowered Frost will be an unreliable perk for mana regen while moving and kiting.

Life Staff

Absolved with Mending and Blissful Touch
This combo of passives allows the life staff user to perform light and heavy attacks without using mana, while also healing their targets.
Holy ground
This one is an upgrade to Sacred ground, a powerful Life Staff ability. This upgrade increases mana and stamina regen by 100% for players in the Sacred Ground AOE. In your own sacred ground can boost your health and help you quickly regenerate the mana you spent casting it.

Spirits United
Spirits United increases your group's mana regen by 3%. 3 per cent more mana regen isn't much, and most builds will look to spend Mastery points elsewhere.

Void Gauntlet

Harvest Essence
It's a "tap" mechanic where you hold a right-click to turn your health into mana. Two passives boost Harvest Essence's performance. It reduces the Harvest Essence's Health drain. While tapping, Harvest Essence refreshes all of your cooldowns by 10% per second.
However, due to the slow movement and health reduction, Harvest Essence is only useful in niche situations and is not recommended for PVP.
Annihilation Tree and Void Blade Builds
With low mana and all abilities on cooldown, the Void Gauntlet user benefits from this skill tree. When all abilities are on cooldown, Forsaken Pact increases damage by 10% and Keen Humility increases crit chance by 10%.

To use these two passives, the void gauntlet user should have 25 Mana after using Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, and Void Blade. Due to the Annihilation Tree's strong cooldown reduction support, you can usually use a mana potion to re-use the combo.
Fervent Thirst
Fervent Thirst gives +5.0% Mana per successful ranged light attack against Void Gauntlet debuffed targets. This passive works well with most void gauntlet abilities that apply a debuff (except Essence Rupture). If you're using Void Blade, you won't need this ability, remove Fervent Thirst from most builds.


Intellect Perks
200 Intellect gives your 10% mana return. Plus, Dodging is very vital in this game and a mage must master it. This perk is almost certain to be unlocked by Fire and Ice Gauntlet users.
Focus Perks
The Focus attribute perks help a lot with mana management, but the two key ones are from the first two benchmarks. 50 Focus increases the Life Staff user's mana regeneration rate by 10%. Getting to 100 Focus increases max mana by 20. A larger pool increases the value of your mana potions.

The 250 and 300 Focus perks are too situational for most healers. Each group or solo kill gives you 30 mana. This will help keep your mana bar full but is uncontrollable most of the time. The 300 focus perk is probably the worst. As a healer, you never want to run out of mana, and doubling your mana regen rate won't help you out fast enough.
Gear perks are something you can ignore from a Man's point of view. I’m not sure it will be of any vitality here.
There you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to manage Mana in new world. You’re good to go and rock your gaming experience now. I’m sure running out of Mana will not be a problem for you anymore.